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My initials “TJ,” stand for Tibi John.
I am a Vancouver Lower Mainland photographer. I always have my camera by my side everywhere I go and at the ready for any unexpected photo opportunities I may come across on my travels. Looking at the world through the lens of my camera is my creative outlet and I would do it 24/7 if I could. Photography is my passion and has become a life-style for me. I have taken photography courses over the years and really enjoyed the seminars and workshops in the Greater Vancouver area, including Langara College. I have also gone on assignments shooting for a local newspaper which was fun and interesting!

When you look through my photos on this web site, Instagram and Flickr, you will find that I am versatile with my photography. I enjoy shooting events, sports, landscapes, nature, wildlife, and portraits.

I am available for any kind of photography assignment! However, if I had to highlight my favourites I would say that I really enjoy and gravitate towards:

Sports and action photography - Shooting action events from hockey, football, soccer, baseball, track and field to rodeo events. There is the thrill in capturing raw emotion and natural special moment expressions.

Family time photography – I can attend locations that are special to you and your family. Pets are part of the family as well and can also be included in the shoot. I can also make suggestions based on your family’s interests. This can include both formal photos, natural candid and non-staged photos. I also understand the challenges with trying to get a shot that involve children, animals and other specific circumstances that you may have or any challenges that might come up during a shoot. I have patience and understanding in these situations and we can discuss and decide to reschedule if needed. It is important to me to capture the moments you want and I will work with you to make that happen.